iPhone 7 / 8 Rugged Waterproof Case | Atomic 3 Series

iPhone 7 / 8 Rugged Waterproof Case | Atomic 3 Series



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  • ScottageCheese
    All around great experience! November 10, 2017

    I have purchased many phone cases in my day and spending $60.00 (+/-) has often been the price. I have been left feeling a lack of excitement most of the time. This is not the instance here.

    The packaging was excelent and the case is top quality. Better than any waterproof case out there in my opinion. They also threw in a cool hat just because. It was delivered pretty quickly too!

    I honestly love everything about this case, except for two things, which I can get over. The first was that I do not see a way to easly change my ringer on and off. It also could be that there is, but I don't know how to use it? There is a twisty button of sorts that helps you take it out, but thats all I know. The second thing is the lense that covers the camera. any smudge and you will notice it in a picture. It aslo give a slight tint to it in low light settings as well. Nothing too bad though.

    All in all, this case is worth the money. It will do what it is expected to do- protect your phone and look good with top notch quality.

    Thanks for the great experience, Ghostek team. I will be recomending this to my friends.


  • Carol
    Looks great but... September 21, 2017

    I love the look of this case but if the person you are talking to cannot hear what you are saying, the case is not of much use.

  • John j
    Not worth the money January 29, 2017

    My experience:
    I got this case about 3-4 weeks ago and within the first week the little nob for silencing at the side broke off. A week later I emailed them asking about their so-called "lifetime limited exchange warranty" and how it may apply to this situation. It has been a week and no response from them.
    Pros: looks decent, metal feels strong, waterproof(so far)
    1. customer service is bad and if anything happens to ur case, don't expect a response from them at all.
    2. My voice is muffled to whoever I'm talking to on the other side unless I take off the front cover in addition to the bottom plug
    3. You have to push hard to get a response - typing faster than maybe 25 wpm is incredibly inaccurate

    Not worth the money - you're better off getting an otter box or spending a bit more for a life proof case - much more reliable and customer service is presumably better.

    P.s- it's so bad that I've gone back to my 10 dollar no brand case that I got from the mall and when I need waterproofing I just put my phone in a ziploc bag which does the job better than the ghosted case.

  • Gabriella
    Love this! January 24, 2017

    I love my case, I recently had a life proof and it does NOT compare to this ghostek case. Not only is it cheaper but it works much better and much easier to put on! Thank you so much ghostek for this product!

  • Mike
    Great Case but can be better December 20, 2016

    i got this case for my iphone 7 after using lifeproof since iphone5. the case is very well built and it looks fantastic. only issues i have with the case is the rubber plug for the lightning port as repeated opening and closing might cause the plug to wear out or break completely. could be better designed. but overall very satisfied with the case.

  • Joe D
    Voice muffled November 18, 2016

    Love this case! Great looking rugged case that feels like it is indestructible! People have a hard time hearing you when talking on the phone which makes phones usage difficult at times.

  • SwitchRunner
    Amazing case! November 14, 2016

    Everything you want from a full protection case. Excellent drop and water protection and is also stylish while doing so. The only con I can think of is the front of the case where you put on after inserting your iPhone could be alittle more secure. Maybe a hard plastic edge rather then the soft rubber edge for the front of the case. Everything over all is 10/10 but the soft rubber front brings it down to a 8/10. Thanks for the amazing case!

  • Efi700
    Awesome case November 5, 2016

    I was a lifeproof user for years on my iPhones, a friend of mine turned me onto Ghostek and really liked it so I gave it a chance. The new atomic 3 case for iPhone 7 is awesome, glad I made the switch, great looking case ,well made and ready for abuse. Great job

  • Ron
    voice Muffled October 26, 2016

    Love the case but no one can hear anything when I talk on the phone, the case muffles and breaks up my voice

  • Patrick
    Love it October 22, 2016

    I just got my new Atomic 3 and I could not be happier. I've been putting up with an Otterbox since I got my iPhone 7. Casewise it's like going from an '85 Yugo to Porsche 911 Turbo (if that makes sense).

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