iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Clear Protective Case | Cloak 2 Series

iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Clear Protective Case | Cloak 2 Series





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  • m&m with nuts
    Get this case! September 3, 2017

    I got this case for its looks but it paid for itself 10 times over today in protection. I knocked my phone off the top off my gym locker onto the tile floor over 6 feet below. When I heard the sickening smack on the floor I started planning my trip to the Apple Store for a replacement phone. When I picked it up though, all it had was a small crack in the corner of the screen protector. The screen protector will have to be replaced but it did its job along with the case an the phone itself was completely unharmed. I've seen phones take far less brutal falls and get completely destroyed. I highly recommend this case.

  • Kid Mink
    Excellent, but slippery. July 22, 2017

    Case design is awesome, very stylish and modern. Good protection. Aluminum side component is quite slippy, would be an improvement to have more grip.

  • JamesARNP
    Overall love it November 25, 2016

    The case came very quickly and quality is surprisingly good for the price. It's light and not bulky at all. Looks very nice, and metal backing is very strong. My two complaints: (1) red is not really red as shown in pictures, it's actually orangish, but still nice, and (2) the clear part is not as clear as pics make it appear, the back looks like there are micro dots so the shiny jet black of phone is not appreciated. Overall I do love the case and would buy again.

  • Mahatman Simonassi
    The best case November 14, 2016

    Great Iphone 7 plus, beautiful and light. However the cost is still high with the current dollar. Brazilians can buy without fear, arriving in 15 days and is not taxed.

  • wallyGto
    Great iPhone Case!!! October 11, 2016

    i like this case.
    very well built
    camera protection its nice
    the raise of the tpu on the back protects very well the details of the aluminum.
    crystal clear tpu its very sturdy and soft to protect it
    case its grippy
    im in love with this brand!
    first timer here n always buying ghostek cloak 2.0

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