iPhone 6 Protective Case | Bullet Series

iPhone 6 Protective Case | Bullet Series





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  • Dalinkwent
    Ghostek Bullet iPhone 6 September 21, 2016

    Overall, case is ok but, price was great! Rubber buttons are a bit bulky and take some getting used to. Kickstand is a bit flimsy; isn't spring loaded like the Bullet for Samsung models. Phone feels very secure though. Not to mention the lifetime warranty! Overall, thinking the Atomic 2.0 is the way to go. Haven't purchased yet but, will when on sale =)

  • I.Moe
    Best Case Out !!! May 27, 2016

    Had this case for over a year now and it works perfect. Not heavy very light weight and not to cumbersome. But the selling point is the fact that I have dropped my phone an excessive amount of times, and I have not shattered my screen. Not once. And I'm 6'2 and it's a pretty long way down when I drop something. The lip on the phone keeps it raised as oppose to most cases that keep the phone screen flush.

  • Obby
    Awesome Protection! January 13, 2016

    I abolutely LOVE this case! It has stuck with me through thick and this and have saved my phone from practically every slip and fall from high and low. Within hours of putting this case on I had an accident and my phone literally flew atleat 15 feet on the road from where I was standing. I couldn't do anything but scream and got the attention of literally everyone in the parking lot. As I ran to pick up my phone from where it landed face down on the hot tar road I was AMAZED and in AWE that my phone was still in tack!!! Nevertheless, the case had some chips and scratches but MY PHONE was A okay!!! Thank you so much for the quality you put into this case. Just got it replaced due to the scratches and chipped paint but it has a lifetime warranty so how can you go wrong :)))

3 Item(s)

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