Ghostek® soDrop 2 Wireless Headphones | Bluetooth

Ghostek® soDrop 2 Wireless Headphones | Bluetooth



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Your life’s too fast to fumble with cords. Be ready to take that vital call from HQ every time with soDrop 2 Headphones from Ghostek®

Essential for every mission, soDrop 2 headphones are wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, boast a built-in microphone and top-of-the-line sound quality—all in one sleek and sexy package.

Made of ultra-durable, lightweight brushed aluminum and silky, soft leather, these headphones look as amazing as they sound.

For added convenience and stealth, soDrop 2 headphones are fold-able and come with their own carrying case, complete with a connection cable—in case you ever want to plug-in.

Whether you’re in the field or just hanging around the house, you’ll never miss a beat with the soDrop 2 headphones from Ghostek®

◙ HD Crystal Clear Sound, Let the Beat Drop Full Volume Blast with These Bass Sensitive Headphones from Ghostek®
◙ These Headphones Feature Bi-Directional Noise Reduction Technology So That You Can Listen to CD Quality Sound
◙ The soDrop 2's Feature aptX® Bluetooth 4.0 Technology That Provide Rich Sound for Any Type of Music
◙ You Can Connect the soDrop 2'sTo Virtually Any Bluetooth Enabled Device from a Distance Of 30-Feet
◙ A Microphone In The Ear Cup Let's You Take Calls Without Having to Remove The Headphones & For The Really Long Trips, Ghostek® Includes a Detachable Male to Male 3.5MM Audio Line Cable
◙ High Quality Soft Leather & Brushed Aluminum Metal Accent the soDrop 2
◙ You Can Wear These Headphones for Hours Without Your Ears Feeling Tired
◙ These Headphones Come With Ghostek's 1-Year Limited Exchange Warranty






◙ Bluetooth Version: 4.0

◙ Talk Time: 14-Hours

◙ Standby Time: 540-Hours

◙ Music Play Time: 14-Hours

◙ Wireless Range: 30-Feet

◙ Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP / AVRCP / HSP / HFP

◙ Impedance: 32 Ω

◙ Sound Pressure Level: 118 ± 3dB

◙ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz

◙ Signal - To - Noise: ≥85dB

◙ Weight: 255.5g / 9oz

◙ Dimension: 200mm x 180mm x 65mm / 7.87" x 7.08" x 2.56"

Ever since you were a kid, you loved reading spy novels and watching James Bond movies. You wanted to become a secret agent so badly that you wished upon stars, wrote letters to Santa, and even sent prayers to God.

All your prayers and wishes were answered the day you received a letter from The Agency stating that you have been chosen to be their agent. You have been working for The Agency for more than five years now and have a steady list of successful missions under your belt. Your career resume is thus far exemplary.

Currently, your mission is to keep an eye on the Mafia and this mission has brought you to the underground dance club ‘Dancing Pony’. The music is so loud in here and there are so many people loitering around that it would be impossible for anyone to observe the comings and goings of the Mafia. But nothing is impossible for you though, not when you are armed with Ghostek soDrop 2 wireless headphones.

You are in constant touch with The Agency with the help of the built-in microphone in the soDrop 2 headphones. You are just heading closer to one of the Mafia leaders, when one of the dancers bumps into you, and your headphones slips from your head and clatters to the floor.

Luckily for you, these are Ghostek soDrop 2 headphones that are made of ultra-durable aluminum and soft leather. This ensures that your soDrop 2 headphones are still in working condition when you put them on again. All throughout this time, you haven’t taken your eyes off the table where the leaders of the Mafia are seated.

Suddenly one of the leaders stands up and starts yelling at the others, and you clearly see the tension rising. It is one of those situations where even a tiny spark can result in an explosion. Now there is a scuffle taking place, and you know that this situation can get so much worse. Since you are already in touch with The Agency via your Ghostek soDrop 2 wireless headphones, you call for backup.

Now, your job is to ensure that the situation does not escalate and bodies start to drop until backup arrives. You head to the table and try your best to calm the Mafia leaders down, however, this peace only lasts for a couple of minutes. Just when a gunfight is about to start, people from The Agency storm through the club doors, and arrest organized criminals. An arrest that will definitely stick because you have been gathering evidence in secret for a long time now! The DA is going to love this case!


Designed by Ghostek® in New York

Customer Reviews
  • Chris
    Great Headphones overall April 17, 2017

    I got the Pink and White ones and they look like a pair of 200+ headphones but no they are very affordable and the sound are no slouch. I would 10/10 recommend them to my family and friends.

  • Song
    I wished I knew about this headphone!! March 28, 2017

    Amazing comfort, sound, design, price!!
    I listen 45mins+ during my commute/workout and I don't have any issue with my ears. My ears used to get hot, redness, itchy, sweat after 10mins with your so call Beat Dre studio (wireless). Good thing I returned my beat dre after 2days I can't even stand it. I really don't mind to spent $400+ on a headphone but not when it bother my ears so badly.

    I wished the next one can improve the sound. I don't mind the price is more than $100 because I would have pay $400 for this headphone.

    Thank You to bring back my music's life!!

    I have to admit the Beat dre sound on the pitch/bass is little better. Overall I can't complain because the price is 1/5 compared to Beat Dre studio wireless.

  • No,
    Nmm March 25, 2017

    Pretty damn good

  • DJ Kaled
    Better than Beats March 17, 2017

    Better than Beats By Dre

  • Ivaniscool
    Best headphones ever!! March 11, 2017

    Hands down to ghostek! This are the best headphones ever! I had souls,beats,bose,jaybirds,skullcandy, and trust me sodrop beats these expensive products in every way! Bass is amazing, sound quality is amazing! Very loud, like I said Bose or beats can't beat this amazing headphones , there very comfortable as well! And very afforaldbe ! Ghostek keep grinding!

  • Justin
    Excellent Product March 10, 2017

    I've had these for just under a week and they are well worth the price. I purchased the black and stainless version on amazon. They come in a nice storage case and fold up very compact compared to my old wired bose headphones. They come with a charging cord and stereo cord if your device can't Bluetooth. They easily paired to my Samsung smart tv and my iPhone 7. The ear cups are soft but just a little small for my ears, comfortable enough. They aren't really active noise canceling but the pad does a good job reduce external noise and keeps others around you from being able to hear what you are listening to. The sound quality is great through multiple genres of music. There may be a little rattling with high bass turned all the way up, but you'll be deaf in no time if you listen to them like that. Emits a tone in the headphones to let you know you have reached the max volume. Overall these are great sounding and looking and I'm very happy with my purchase so far.

  • Redgrimm
    Best ever February 20, 2017

    I was not sure what I was getting when I first ordered them, but have order ghostek products in the past and really like the quality. When I first got the box, I said wow this is really cool. It came with a case, usb cord to charge, and aux cord. The next thing I noticed was that the pairing to my iPhone 7 was really easy. It took less than 3 minutes to setup with my phone. I tested the headphones with music and was amazed. I could tell a difference on each setting and did not have to turn the volume up really high. The noise cancellation worked great because I could not hear the tv at all in the background. I've owned over 20 pairs of headphones and would recommend these as the best pair I've had. The sounds is amazing and your not paying 200 plus for the name. They also fold down for easy storage. Anyone going on a trip I would recommend these and I just wish I would have had them for my trip to Chicago when I took a train.
    Why no voting buttons? We don't

  • Cancos
    1st time owner of wireless headphones January 31, 2017

    Very comfortable
    Great quality
    Great looking
    Just wish were louder!!

  • jizzy
    The Best Sounding Headphones I Have Ever Owned Worth Every Penny And More! January 19, 2017


  • MirandaF
    Superb Sound December 5, 2016

    I love these headphones!

    It's so nice to have headphones that are wireless! Using Bluetooth I'm able to connect to my iPhone and listen to music!

    I can even answer phone calls! With a built in microphone in the ear cup I'm able to talk on the phone without removing the headphones!

    These headphones are very lightweight!

    The leather is super soft! They remind me of high end style and quality!

    The headphones are foldable and come with a carrying case! They also include a detachable male to male 3.5MM audio line cable and USB charging cable!

    They have gone above and beyond customer satisfaction!

  • Definitely not a dog
    Great sound quality for a decent price November 29, 2016

    Really comfortable, definitely a bit of bass while not being too overbearing. Not to mention how cool the design is, or the fact that they come with their own travel case.

  • BkMusic
    Love them!!! November 27, 2016

    I've had the white and pink ones for about a month and love them. They are made from a soft material and dont feel very tight around your ears. The bluetooth works well, it does not cut off. The volume goes pretty high but not as high as Beats headphones. Audio quality is great!

  • A minor that isnt young...
    Gr8 m8, i r8 8/8 November 20, 2016

    Really gr8, on the bus to school, Excellent. Kinda wierd tho that you can order it from amazon for 89.95 instead of 99. But very gr8

  • Alex
    These look amazing! October 12, 2016

    If these touch anywhere near their predecessors I have no question they will be amazing! Just wish there was another black based option...white gets so dirty! Maybe black & gold?

  • Aryan
    Its Gonna Be Fabulous! September 27, 2016

    Pre Ordering It! TOO GOOD!

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