iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s Rugged Waterproof Case | Atomic 2 Series

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s Rugged Waterproof Case | Atomic 2 Series





4.5 stars, based on 50 reviews
◙  State of the Art Full Body Shell Construction
◙  Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection
◙  Industrial Strength Aluminum Alloy Frame
◙  Military Grade Standard Drop Tested
◙  Heavy Duty Touch Sensitive Screen Protector (Attached)
◙  Raised Bezel - Extra Screen Protection
◙  Touch ID Fingerprint Compatible
◙  4 Trendy Color Alloy Bumpers with Clear Backs to Choose From
◙  Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible
◙  Tested For Up To 1-Meter Deep & 30 Minutes in the Water
◙  Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included
$59.99 $24.99





Sometimes secret agents can select very inconvenient drop-off points. When your spy partner decides to leave a priceless painting in a vault at the bottom of the Caribbean, for instance, you may have to use your tiny submersible to go down and get it. After you've surfaced, a bit of water may splash onto your phone and—horror of horrors!—your designer suit. While your suit may require some detailed cleaning, you can rest assured that your phone will be okay when you're using the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 waterproof iPhone 6s case. By the time you arrive for dinner in St. Kitts, everything will be fine.

Or so you think. Until your boss texts you during after-dinner cigars that the painting must be transported to Siberia. Immediately. You catch a ride on a private jet and marvel at your snazzy Ghostek iPhone case while you're in the air awaiting the next instructions. Once you deplane in a secret mountain location, you're immediately met with gunfire. As you dive into the snow, you take solace in the fact that your iPhone 6s case has got you covered—and rejoice in the fact that you ordered a forgery of the painting in case the Siberians decided to go rogue. They're not really getting the real masterpiece. You already stashed the real painting away in your safe house in the Brazilian rainforest.

Your situation for the moment, however, is quite desperate. It turns out that Siberian prisons aren't very welcoming—or, at the least, the one that you've checked into could use some serious upgrades. After the Siberians torture you for information, you're thrown into a muddy jail cell. Conveniently, however, your iPhone 6s case happens to be resistant to mud, so you use your phone to call in reinforcements. Within a flash, your helicopter has arrived and the side of the prison has been detonated with a bomb, allowing you to escape. What a relief—you had dinner reservations with your secret amour, whose code name is Z, in Monaco.

After yet another trip in the private jet, you check into your hotel and get suited up for the evening. You stroll into the casino looking like a million bucks, and manage to lose twenty thousand dollars to a Saudi prince, who admits to being terrified of water during small talk.

"Did you bring the painting?" your lover asks immediately upon your arrival. Z has always been a high-maintenance type.
"No," you gripe. "It's at the safe house. In Brazil. I'll explain later."

And then suddenly the Saudi prince is at the table, standing right in front of you.

"My painting?! It's in Brazil, is it? Not for long," he says with a snide smile.

You were looking forward to a nice dinner, but it would appear that a spy's work is never done. Reaching into your pocket, you pull out your phone, hack into the network and activate the casino's sprinkler system.

Designed by Ghostek in New York

Customer Reviews
  • Divine madness
    Great case November 27, 2017

    It’s a great phone case, no complaints about the case other than the bottom port covers breaking and that there isn’t any replacement parts for the case at all, I have a punctured screen protector and I can’t get a new one, it’s would be great if I could get a new one without having to get an entirely new case

  • roverdude
    Love it, but.... October 28, 2017

    I've had my Ghostek Atomic case for two years. Love it. It's done its job protecting my phone. Only complaint is that the protective film over the camera lens has become cloudy making low light pics hazy. Still going to get a new one though.

  • Frank
    Good case but 1 big problem August 7, 2017

    Overall the case is great and works underwater really well but there is one big problem for me. The headphone adapter for my headphones is broken as i have to hold it really tight for it to transmit sound. When i looked for a new one on the internet i couldnt find it. Now i have to use apple earphones.

  • Sandra
    Ok July 29, 2017

    I'm upset that right after a bought this cover the price went down about 10$ cheaper I live in Canada so I pay quite a few extra fees so I feel a little cheated. But my biggest désappointement is that in the picture the cover top (face part) the extremities are white and I thought it was black like all the rest.

  • Katie
    Great except for port covers June 18, 2017

    I love this case, well worth what I paid for it, except that if you're not careful pulling the port and Jack covers, they are thin and flimsy enough that they can rip, which mine did! I would have expected better for what I paid! It's too bad, because I really love this case otherwise, I don't use it now because I can't easily get the ports open.

  • pjs
    Exceptional customer service June 16, 2017

    This is a company that truly stands behind its products and cares about its customers. I purchased this case a year ago and have used it continuously in that time. When the rubber cover for the headphone jack wore out they sent a replacement. When the cover for the lightning port and headphone adapter wore out they sent an entirely new case. No questions. No arguments. Simply exceptional customer service.

  • AustinH111
    Loved this case till the end! June 14, 2017

    This case protected my phone for about 2 years. It survived so many hard drops. During the end the case started to look bad because the metal frame chipped on drops. The plastic touch screen fell off. But overall this case saved my phone many times. I would definitely rate it better than a LifeProof Case.

  • Harry
    Best Case I Ever Owned but... March 14, 2017

    The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Silver is The Best Case I Ever Owned, it is indestructible, thin, stylish and a product of great design. However recently the front film is cutting and separating where the aluminum seal lip meets the ID of the phone "nest". I'm going to contact support and see how their team responds.

  • Soozett
    Touch screen difficult February 27, 2017

    The overall feel and quality of the case is awesome, LOVE the aluminum border that gives it a great strong feel BUT the touch screen sensitivity is completely gone. I found myself pushing down repeatedly or missing letters all together.....super disappointed with the front plastic that gave it a cheapy feel and I took it off the same day because I wasn't able to text or email without making several mistakes due to plastic front.....

  • rolleypolley27
    Excellent, Durable, & Sleek February 17, 2017

    This case easily beats a life proof! I've owned 3 life proof cases and the majority of them breaking. This case is sleek and the metal frame is great for protection. The buttons are easy to operate although to turn your sounds on or off takes a little practice in twisting the dial properly. I love the simplicity of the case and how slim it is. It's held up extremely well between school, work, and going out to the barn where I spent most of my time with horses. I haven't submerged it fully into water but it withstood a water test so I'm sure it'll be okay to use underwater. Price wise it's a steal and so worth it! Excellent case that I would recommend to anyone!

  • Bub
    Great case! BUT... February 11, 2017

    So I had an atomic 2.0(iPhone 6s) just ordered a new one to replace my old one. What's up with all the re-engineering? And the pictures that do not match the product I received? The new port covers aren't replaceable, they are affixed to the case with a metal pin, great improvement as far as not having to worry about pulling the plug entirely from the phone, but huge downgrade if you're used to the ends of the plugs coming off and making it impossible to open your ports. I used to just replace with extra plugs that ghostek would send to me.... so now when my plugs tear up, what now???

    And my old atomic 2.0 (iPhone 6s) had sound ports drilled through the case in the phone speaker area. The one I just received, there are now none. But there is a serial number engraved on the inside of the case where the "holes" once were... so why no more sound ports where my phone spearker is?

    I did order from Amazon, sold by Ghostek.

    So I'm confused about all of this... cannot seem to find any info. I loved my old ghostek case, just not too sure about not being able to replace the plugs that WILL need to be replaced at some point (about every 3-4 months for me thus far) and why no speaker sound ports?

  • Roberto
    Amazing February 6, 2017

    Outstanding case performs as it should. Slim feel with a lot of protection for your phone. Highly recommend...

  • Bobby
    Great case overall February 1, 2017

    Great feeling in hand, doesn't slip out, dropped it more than once and is okay! The plastic front came undone in the corner only reason giving 4 stars.

  • Lindsay
    Overall Very Protective November 28, 2016

    - Nice slim design
    - Extremely protective (can literally be thrown and my phone is fine)
    - Have had it for two years and it's still working
    - Pros weigh out the cons, MY PHONE IS ALIVE!!!

    - Bottom plugs came out (not waterproof anymore)
    - Plastic cover tore easily
    - Didn't fit a store bought charger
    - Dies instantly in the cold weather (metal sides conduct into the phone)
    - Volume rocker knob is VERY difficult to turn

    RECOMMEND the case!!

  • Jason M.
    Good Case But... August 13, 2016

    Good Case.

    -Feels/Looks Protective
    -Speaker/Camera/Calls work well
    -No rainbowing like life proof fre

    -Came in wrong color
    (To lazy to return)
    -Silence switch is impossible to turn
    (Broke fingernails and still didn't move)
    (Can use setting though to turn off an on)

  • Its_Bux!
    Great!... Initially... August 13, 2016

    When I first received the phone cover I was impressed, robust and simple.
    However, it wasn't long before one of the rubber 'plugs' in the base fell off and was lost making it no longer water proof.
    Inside six months the metal knob for the muting switch fell off, not while being used, appearing that the plastic core had sheared.
    Unfortunate as the initial impressions were great.

  • Johnny
    Love it~~~ July 8, 2016

    Love my Atomic 2.0 case. Highly recommend for anyone. Only reason I don't give a 5 * rating is because I believe there is always room for improvement.

  • Me
    Best Case July 6, 2016

    Best case i have ever used !

  • Gdhfydhd
    Good July 5, 2016

    Great case

  • Lclarke2
    5 star case July 3, 2016

    From the moment when I unboxed it to a week I loved it is is so durable and the best money I have ever spent this case is so cool and I am hoping to get these case for my kids to. Thank you so much gost tech and I hope you keep up the good work

  • Lclarke2
    Loved it July 3, 2016

    I just got the ghost tech case in the mail and it was awesome. Right when I unboxed it it was so well packaged and fit perfectly. I have no complaints at all all I know is that it is the best money I have ever spent also I am looking forward to getting these for my kids to. Thank you so mich host tech and I hope you keep up the good work.

  • Prashant
    Awesome Case!! June 28, 2016

    Best product have ordered. Customer support is super quick. Rugged case and best in competition.

  • Rotten Tom
    Recommend June 16, 2016

    I Love this case so much have dropped it many times and it always keeps my phone safe.You can't go wrong with the slim design and nice style without sacrificing the protection.Overall I'll recommend this case only wish it was a little cheaper,but for the quality of it I don't mind.

  • Marbque
    Awesome Case!! May 21, 2016

    This is the best Fire/Water proof case on the market! It's slim, sleek, light weight case makes this case a must have, fits just right in your pocket. Great work GhosTek!!!! :)

  • Zach
    Great case May 20, 2016

    I love the case, feels very sturdy, I like the free had I got with it which was a complete suprise. Only thing I don't like but I'm fine with is the charger port isn't big enough for 3rd party chargers, I also think the silent switch could be a bit easier to turn on and off. Haven't noticed any difference in call quality and I haven't had anyone tell me they can't hear me as well. I like that the metal color matches the phone

  • Jimmy Smith
    Fantastic May 14, 2016

    This is by far the best case I have ever had for one of my phones. I have been through otter boxes and life proofs but they are just far too bulky. This case is extremely protective but still very slim. Great case Ghostek

  • Master Satan


  • GSXR chic
    Awesomenesss! April 25, 2016

    Sleek, looks good, thin, light, and protects well. And sounds great. My old life proof phone would distort the sound. This case doesn't

  • Theo
    Good case April 25, 2016

    It's a good case and very protective, but the vibrate switch is very hard to use and can be annoying

  • Chris
    Love the look and feel....but April 22, 2016

    I just received my Ghostek 2.0 and love the look and feel of it. Easy to install and use. Even the ring adjustment is not as bad as I thought. The problem I'm experiencing is that my volume buttons don't work properly. They raise and lower the volume at will. I will be contacting the company this morning to see if I perhaps installed incorrectly or this is simply a lemon. My son has the same case and LOVES it so I'm sure this is a one time issue.

  • Your mum
    swag April 15, 2016

    i dont even have it and its good 10 out 10 piff

  • Ctacker
    Amazing case protects my phone from anything April 13, 2016

    Awesome case

  • Car
    Grat April 8, 2016

    Everything is good but a little over priced

  • Jay
    Good Product For The Value April 7, 2016

    To put it simply: This phone case is really good. It's not perfect, but after a week of having this on my phone, I can say it's by far the best out there when it comes to waterproof cases, especially since the case isn't outrageously priced.

    The only downside I have with this case would be the knob on the silent/ring switch on the iphone. The knob, or wheel, you have to turn but it is insanely hard to do so.

    All in all, this case is about a 4.5/5 and the cons that may come with it, don't even compare to the quality of the pros and value you get from your buck.

  • Cathy
    Love it April 3, 2016

    This phone case is one of the best water proof phone cases. I tried out the $80 lifeproof case and that caused water damage, but i tried this one and now I take photos of my family under water. If you have not already go and by this phone case.

  • Nick
    Awesome March 31, 2016

    This case is amazing, I have dropped it more than a few times and it is still looking good as new

  • cookie64
    Kills bluetooth reception, other wise its good March 12, 2016

    Ive had this case for about two months. from day one it was a good case except for the fact that it greatly reduces the ability of a blue tooth earbud to stay connected and work properly. if the phone is in a carrier on your belt, forget using blue tooth headphones or earbuds. it reduces the cell reception by about 25% as well. the home button stopped reading my finger print about two weeks after i started using the case. Love the concept and compactness, i can hear others, and others can hear me well, but the bluetooth issue is a problem for me.

  • MrsT
    Love the case-except ONE feature February 29, 2016

    I did a LOT of research before purchasing the Atomic 2.0 for my new iPhone 6s. I have always been a LifeProof case user because I can tend to drop my phone and with two children under two, my phone and water are bound to collide. This go round, I knew I wanted a durable case, that was also water resistant but practical for daily use and wouldn't add much bulk to the phone. What pushed me over the edge to purchase this case was the slim design, price that beat LifeProof, reviews, and visibility of showcasing the phone itself through the case. I actually convinced my husband (avid Otterbox user) to purchase one as well. The ONLY drawback preventing me from giving this a full 5 star review is the Mute/silence switch. This IS a problem. I have read that Ghostek advises you to switch it like a lighter -- it doesn't work. I have nails, husband doesn't and we have both tried many many ways and it is just flat out hard to do. I think the toggle switch used on previous models was a better option. Overall though, everything else is worth it. On future models I hope they adjust this obvious flaw (case hangs over edges so you can barely get your finger in there to even TRY to flip it like a lighter). But if you don't use the switch that often -- it is a PERFECT choice for an awesome case! I will still very much so, recommend it. Thanks Ghostek!

  • carla jene
    Superb February 27, 2016

    I've tried almost every other case brand out their and Ghostek has by far been the best. I love everything about it.

  • Bader
    Best February 27, 2016

    I swim with it and take pics underwater it's simply amazing

  • Matt
    Love it! February 18, 2016

    I've tried quite a few waterproof cases for the iPhone, but this one is my favorite by far. The case is so slim, yet so sturdy with the metal framing. Definitely not afraid of dropping my phone in this case, especially after watching the video review by MobileReviews-Eh. One problem that I tend to see with waterproof cases is wear and tear of the port covers. I did in fact damage my charging port cover, and contacted Ghostek about it. Not even 5 minutes later I got an email saying that they shipped me replacement covers! Now that's great service! Will be buying from Ghostek again.

  • Dj
    Excellent February 13, 2016

    Just got my case in the mail it is amazing. Sharpest looking case and amazing capability! Work phenomenal I don't have any complaints. Great job ghostek keep it up

  • Susan
    5 stars great product February 8, 2016

    Love love love this case I have had no problems only thing is the sound people have a hard time hearing me at times but other than that

  • Diney
    Fab February 1, 2016

    This case is Fab! unfortunately my children got a hold of the little ear piece extension and lost it. Would love to buy a replacement for it.

  • Steve
    GREAT!!!!!!!! January 16, 2016

    Love the case. With the aluminum bumber round the phone to how easy to install. Only thing I don't care for a lot is I don't know if you for some reason or another take the back or front off, how many times can you do that be for the piece or pieces start to wear and not stay together very well. But other that I think this is a wonderful case. Keep up the good work

  • scott
    Awesome January 16, 2016

    Ive tried every case out there this is by far the best ! Only draw back is the talk quality.I do not need 100 percent water proof case so I had removed the filter on speaker so people could here me . But still blows the other cases away !

  • Mike
    Rugged yet Sleek November 29, 2015

    I've used over a dozen cases to protect my iPhone and this Ghostek 2.0 has been the best. If your not protecting your asset with ghostek you don't have protection against all the ailments. By far five stars at a awesome price! Keep up the great designes guys!

  • Dustin
    Great case November 10, 2015

    I decided to try this case because the life proof case doesn't hold up well to abuse. I am a mechanic and need a robust case. I love everything about this case except the control to switch from vibe to ring. It's difficult to use but not impossible. Has a good snug fit for my iPhone 6s. Well worth the money.

  • Mike
    Good product November 8, 2015

    Love the case. Only adjustment would be changing the ring adjustment into a up or down motion. I have fat fingers and it's hard to change the phone from ring to vibe. Other than that love the case. Does not add bulk for what the case protects the phone from. Love it.

  • Andre
    Best Case October 7, 2015

    This is by far the best case I have ever owned. It is light weight, compact, yet still very protective. Usually cases with a built in screen protector compromise screen quality and ease of use but this one does not. Also, I am most pleased with the way my speakers function in this case. I am not sure if this was intentional, however, the back plate of the case vibrates when music is played aloud thus amplifying the sound. I would guess that the speaker is about 1.75 times louder in this case. All around great product and would recommend over Lifeproof and Otterbox.

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