iPhone 5, 5s, SE Rugged Waterproof Case | Atomic 3 Series

iPhone 5, 5s, SE Rugged Waterproof Case | Atomic 3 Series





4.25 stars, based on 12 reviews
◙  State of the Art Full Body Shell Construction
◙  Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection
◙  Industrial Strength Aluminum Alloy Frame
◙  Heavy Duty Touch Sensitive Screen Protector (Attached)
◙  Raised Rubberized Corners & Bezel
◙  Military Grade Standard Drop Tested
◙  Touch ID Fingerprint Compatible
◙  All Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible
◙  Tested For Up To 1-Meter Deep & 30 Minutes in the Water
◙  6 Trendy Color Alloy Bumpers with Clear Backs to Choose From
◙  Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included
$59.95 $24.99

When you’re a secret agent, every day is an adventure (read: full of near-death situations), so you need a phone that can keep up with your busy (read: dangerous) lifestyle. An ordinary phone case simply won't do the job when you're scaling a snowy mountain in the freezing tundra of Antarctica, free-falling out of a biplane and into the Atlantic Ocean, or riding a camel in the scorching hot deserts of Egypt.

The iPhone SE Atomic 3 Series Waterproof Case by Ghostek® is the ideal phone case for a secret agent. Unlike other iPhone cases, our waterproof case can survive even the most extreme physical conditions. Thanks to a strong aluminum alloy bumper with 360-degree coverage, you can tumble onto of a moving car or take a few sucker punches to the gut, and your phone will remain as pristine as the day Headquarters bestowed it upon you. Plus, thanks to the case's heavy duty scratch-resistant touch sensitive screen guard, your phone's screen won't crack easily, much like a loyal secret agent under a hot light for interrogation.

There's no doubt you're carrying classified documents on your phone, so you need extra security to to keep your secret files out of the wrong hands. Luckily, the iPhone SE Waterproof case is Touch ID compatible, so as long as you're not in the Men in Black, you'll be able to access your phone's files using your fingerprint. Moreover, since your life as a secret agent is already complicated, your phone case will make your life a little easier by ensuring all buttons, ports, and controls are totally accessible. You’ll always be able to snap a quick photo of a notorious warlord's plans for weapon schematics or pull up a game app to stave off boredom while stowing away for hours on a cargo liner.

A secret agent has to be prepared to face the elements, especially water. Whether you’re wading through a swamp full of hungry crocodiles or dodging whizzing bullets by jumping into a lake, our iPhone SE case has been tested and proven to be waterproof for up to 30 minutes in up to one meter of liquid. The detailed capped cutouts protect your device's plugs so that water doesn't ruin the information you’re storing. When you’re the different conditions you sure to encounter around the world, this case is pretty flexible no matter where you are or what you're in.

There's nothing wrong with dressing up while on the job, so why not customize your iPhone case to suit your style? This case comes in 6 sleek colors: black, gold, pink, red, silver, and teal. Whether your sartorial style is fancy or casual, this phone case will align perfectly with your look.

For a phone case that fits your needs during your perilous missions around the world, the Ghostek SE Waterproof case has you covered.

Designed by Ghostek in New York

Customer Reviews
  • steve
    overall, very nice November 28, 2017

    I really like the case. It's durable, looks great, and the features are nice.

    However, for the iPhone SE, the charge port and earphone port are slightly off center. This makes it very difficult to listen to music or charge your phone. I am worried that either the phone, earphones, charge cable, or the case will get damage.

  • Jflower monkey Oregon
    iPhone SE Atomic 3 Series waterproof/drop proof case November 14, 2017

    I've had my Ghostek Atomic 3 series waterproof/drop proof case for about a week. It's easy to use and nice looking. I haven't dropped it yet or taken it underwater, but I bought it to work outdoors along a river with 5th grade students during the rainy season. It has very good call quality, which I wasn't expecting based on other reviews. But it's fine, and people talking to me say it's also fine. Loud and clear.

  • Herro
    Great but... September 11, 2017

    This case is good but it does not come in red for iPhone 6/6s

  • Kyle
    Best case I've had April 20, 2017

    The case feels really good and is very durable. I've dropped it so many times and it protected my phone so well.

  • Jaxon
    Great but short lived March 15, 2017

    Case was awesome for 6 months but wear got to it and it fell apart but customer service is great and is help

  • Osaki
    Great Case at a realistic price March 5, 2017

    The case is well priced for the materials used to build it. Simple to install right out of the box. I haven't had any audio problems with the case when making calls. The only problem I have is that the standard charging cord doesn't seem to fit as easily as I hoped. The phone is seated in the case properly but it seems when I open the the flap for the the charging cable its slightly off center from the charge port on the phone which makes for a friction fit that puts a little to much stress on that connection. Other then that I'm happy with case and hope that when I upgrade my phone ghostek will be the case to protect it.

  • Weird4904
    It looks great January 22, 2017

    It looks great but they should add green and blue to the list of colors

  • Ty
    Amazing January 20, 2017

    Best case of this cheap

  • BlazeK360
    Amazing Product November 4, 2016

    This product is a great protective cover. It gives intense protection and looks slick. Best cover you can find, and this is definitely better than OtterBox.

  • Bigdme11
    Over all very good October 17, 2016

    I. Think it very good

  • Lito
    It's An Amazing And Beautiful Case October 6, 2016

    I Definitely Recommend This Case To Everyone Who Wants A Sleek , Nice And Protective Case

  • SamS
    Some issues September 28, 2016

    Love the design of the case. I have this case on both my kids iphone se. Same issue on both. When placing a call or receiving a call, we can't hang up. Once we peel the front off touching the hang up button works.

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