Hero Series

  1. Ghostek® Hero Series | Gaming Headphones
    Ghostek® Hero Series | Gaming Headphones
    ◙ A microphone rotation range 120° guarantees the microphone will never get in your way while you're on the job. ◙ An integrated volume controller means you can always hear whispering enemy agents. Keep things loud when you need to listen in, and tone them down when the explosions start. ◙ Ultra-resistant braided cable that won’t break if it snags on the door mid-getaway. Accidents happen in the shadows. It pays to have tough gear. ◙ A mute switch hides your plans from eavesdropping enemies so you can always get the drop on them. The gear says silent so that you can stay deadly. ◙ 1-year limited exchange warranty keeps you covered during all your missions. No need to let a little bit of damage distract you while you’re on the job. View Details

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