Ghostek Scholarship

We are happy to introduce Ghostek Scholarship program for college students who are extremely passionate about their fields of study. This scholarship is not limited to a particular major. All we are looking for is passion about your future job. The amount of this scholarship is $1,000 payable to an accredited US college or university. To qualify, please send a 1000 word essay to In this essay explain why you think your major is great and why you should be picked the winner. One of the main criteria is how passionate are you about your future job.


Here are the requirements for Ghostek Scholarship:

  • Who can apply - undergraduate and graduate students of accredited US university or college.
  • How can you apply - submit 1,000 words essay about your passion for your future profession and why you should be picked as a winner. We want to learn about what drives you and how passionate are you.
  • How will you get the money - $1,000 check will be sent directly to your college.
  • Deadline - the deadline for the submission is December 1st. The winner will be picked by a commission each year by December 15th, and check will be mailed out by December 20th.


If you are interested in this scholarship, please send 1,000 words essay to In the title, please write "Ghostek Scholarship" and in the body include your name, major, school, expected year of graduation, and your contact information.


Good luck!

Ghostek Team