Xperia X Cases

There's no better way to go sleuthing in style than with these villain-proof Sony Xperia X phone cases from Ghostek -- unless, of course, you're the villain. Using secret precision technology for the thin, flak- and bullet-proof case that seals your confidentials with confidence, the world is not enough to take your data hostage. If looks could kill, then put the X on anyone's access to your files with our tactical assortment of color-coded sheaths. If it weren't you versus the world, it just wouldn't be fair.

In the unlikely event the enemy exposes your weakness, Ghostek's lifetime limited exchange warranty has you covered in every sewer backdoor, ventilation shaft, interrogation room or nuke-proof refrigerator. Whether you're looking for love in Russia, dealing with the induction of psychoneuroses by conditioned reflex under stress, or just making a (dis)honest living as a double-agent infiltrator, we've got your six -- no shady business about it.

  1. Sony Xperia X Case | Ghostek® Covert Series
    Sony Xperia X Case | Ghostek® Covert Series
    ◙ The precise cut of the Ghostek Covert allows for headphone and microphone to be accessible, allowing you to transfer money in and out of your offshore accounts with ease and convenience. ◙ With clear, rose pink, peach, dark gray and gold available, you'll have one to complement most of your cars and some of your boats. ◙ Electroplated colors serve as a covert kind of mirror that will help you to discover double agents all the time. ◙ Spring bumpers help you to bounce into action at a moment's notice, making your phone resilient to affectionate elephants and other creatures. ◙ This case comes with an explosion-proof screen protector. If your heart isn't singing with love at the thought of this, then quit your spy job right now. ◙ The Ghostek Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty means that your case is covered, whether you're in Moldova or freeing your animal friends from the circus in Minnesota. View Details