Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE Fan Edition Case | Ghostek® Covert Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE Fan Edition Case | Ghostek® Covert Series





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◙ MODERNIZED DESIGN: Keeps you looking fresh while you decimate the baddies. They won't know whether they admire or hate you. Let's be honest, though. It's probably both.
◙ PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY AT ITS PEAK: Air-pockets protect your phone from potential drops as you flee the enemy. Corporate secrets will stay protected, guaranteed.
◙ EXPLOSION-PROOF: The expertly crafted screen protector can withstand even the most daunting explosion. You will never need to worry about shrapnel damaging your screen, preventing the universally hated trip down to the Research and Technology Development Division for repairs.
◙ SLEEK AND DISCREET: No bulky object in your pockets will ever slow you down as you sprint away from when you’re sprinting out of harm's way. The slim design fits perfectly into your tailored suit pocket. It's almost as if there's nothing there at all.
◙ The Ghostek® Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty: We honestly don't expect that your case will break, but sometimes dastardly villains have other plans.
$15.95 $7.98

Your feet skid to a halt and you turn to face your assailant. You've been evading him for long enough. You silently thank Ghostek® for providing you with such a sleek Samsung case, as it stayed deftly hidden in your pocket throughout your mission.

A wicked smile spreads across your enemy's face as he reaches into his own pocket. You brace yourself, getting to dodge a bullet. 

Your eyes widen in horror. Instead of a gun, he pulls out what you can only assume to be a detonator. He opens his suit jacket, exposing an elaborate bomb strapped to his chest. When he presses the gleaming red button, the surrounding area will be blown to smithereens. You know you won’t be able to escape him in time on your feet now that you've lost your momentum. 

You must protect the data at all costs. Thankfully, you have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note FE case technology, capable of withstanding even the most deadly nuclear warheads. If only the case could protect you as well as your phone.

He demands the device, threatening to detonate himself if you don’t hand it over. Refusing to relent, you instead rack your brain for every possible alternative. 

You stay poker-faced as a plan forms in your mind. Open windows are good for more than just getting fresh air, you know.

Your hand slips to your tool belt slowly, inch by inch. You distract him with a flowery speech, keeping his eyes on your face. When you finally grab hold of your automatic grappling hook, you prepare yourself in an instant. You hear the clink and you know you’re ready to speed outside when the surrounding area explodes. 

Your enemy’s eyes glimmer with rage as he grabs at you. The bomb will detonate in a matter of seconds, and now he knows he will die for nothing. Your suit pocket rips as you zoom away from his reach.  But then, as if in slow motion, your phone fall from your pocket, and the data you spent this mission fighting for plummets to the ground.

You panic for a moment, but the feeling quickly recedes when you remember you’re in good hands with the Covert Galaxy Note FE caseYour phone will be protected just long enough for you to make your escape from the shrapnel. The latest shock-absorption technology will have keep the device free from internal damage during impact.

You soar to the adjacent building, the heat nearly enveloping you. As soon as you complete a safe landing, you make your way to the debris. 

You tap your wristwatch to activate the discreet tracking software installed on your phone. 

Underneath a slab of drywall, you retrieve and examine your device. 

You can’t help but smile.

There isn't even a scratch. 


Designed by Ghostek® in New York

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Customer Reviews
  • robin
    looks robotic March 7, 2017

    Nice & elegant with 100% free fear of damaging phone. Once I've purchased my edge7 in Malaysia, I shall get this Ghostex waterproof.

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