Samsung Galaxy S6 Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 2.0 Series

Samsung Galaxy S6 Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 2.0 Series





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Attention Agent: We hope you receive this message! We know you’ve been hiding out in this submarine for weeks now, waiting for your enemies to float out of sight. Our team is sending down the Sumsung Galaxy S6 waterproof case so that you can detonate the submarine bomb and swim to safety without worrying about your phone’s wellbeing. As soon as you receive this state of the art, nonslip grip, dust proof case, you can begin your journey to ultimate safety. Good luck agent! We’ll be waiting your safe arrival.

◙ The Atomic 2.0 Series Is Made with a Strong Aluminum Alloy Bumper, a Heavy Duty Scratch-Resistant Touch Sensitive Screen Guard, Rubber to Provide a Non-Slip Grip & Protect Port Openings, & a Polycarbonate Film Seals So Your Phones Color Can Shine Through
◙ Thinnest & Lightest Waterproof, Dust-Proof, Snow-Proof, Mud-Proof, & Shock-Proof Case Offered by Ghostek®
◙ Touch ID Compatible
◙ This Case Has 4 Different Color Alloy Bumpers with Clear Backs to Choose From To Help You Personalize Your Case without Hiding Your Phones Beauty
◙ All Buttons, Ports, & Controls Are Easily Accessible With No Distortion of Speaker or Microphone
◙ The Case Has Been Tested For Up To 1-Meter Deep & 10 Minutes in the Water
◙ Fits Samsung Galaxy S6
◙ This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.
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It's late. It's dark. It's damp. Your fingers are starting to feel a bit numb as you reach into your front pocket to pull out your cell phone to check the time. 

*10 minutes left*

No one told you it was going to be raining, not even the weatherman this morning. Luckily, you could sit in this drizzle all day without a worry for your phone thanks to your Galaxy S6 Waterproof Case. This is the fourth day in a row you've come back to this same cove outside a suspected double agents house, all to no avail. But you know- tonight will be the night. You glance at your phone again...

*7 minutes left*

All of a sudden, you're hit in the back with something heavy, knocking you off balance and almost forcing your phone from your hand, had it not been for the rubber grips providing traction. As you turn around, you're blinded by light and momentarily fall to your knees, your hands squishing in the mud, covering your phone in brown sludge. 

Regaining your sight, you realize your attacker has vanished. Wiping the mud off your hands and your phone using your wet pants, you thank your wife again for insisting you purchase this Samsung Galaxy S6 Waterproof Case. Tonight, you would've already ruined your device twice by water and mud. You smile knowing how much you're cared for. 

Glancing down at your display you see

*2 minutes left*

It's your cue. Even if it hadn't been the time, you knew earlier you'd have to move locations when your location was discovered and you were attacked. Moving toward the bedroom window on the far east side, you crouch and wait. Your Galaxy S6 is balanced on your knee while you watch the countdown. Suddenly, you hear a loud bang and the sound causes your phone to bounce against the brick wall. You begin to stand and see what you hoped you wouldn't see: The agent everyone has trusted for years has opened a safe (you see a large bookshelf toppled over on the floor, accounting for the initial loud noise) and is loading money, silver, documents, and a few gold bars into a large suitcase thrown open on a desk. You see passports and guns sitting a few feet away from this previously trusted friend. 

Shaking your head, you realize what must be done. Leaving your phone, knowing with the durable case it will be safe to lay on the damp and muddy grass for a short bit, you stand and bust open the glass. Shooting the agent with the tranquilizer dart you've been holding for four days, he crumples to the floor. Bending down, you pick up your phone. Wiping off your Galaxy S6 Waterproof case for the last time this evening, you make the call to your boss and let the agency know:

Mission Complete

• Ghostek's Atomic 2.0 Case is made with a heavy duty scratch-resistant screen guard that is also touch sensitive, and a durable aluminum alloy bumper.

• Rubber provides a non-slip grip and protects port openings while a polycarbonate film seal allows your phone's color to show.

• All buttons, ports, and controls are easily accessed with no distortion of sound or microphone. Continues to be Touch ID compatible.

• This case is the thinnest and lightest case boasting waterproof, dust-proof, snow-proof, mud-proof, and shockproof capabilities offered by Ghostek.

• Case can be submerged up to 1 meter deep and stay under for 10 minutes.

• Choose from 3 different colored alloy bumpers to allow personalization without hiding your phone's design.


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Customer Reviews
  • CCE
    Flawless and high quality case, but affects my GPS signal. November 25, 2016

    This is, by far, the best and highest quality case I have ever owned. It is truly water proof and doesn't effect my phone's sound/volume (unlike my last phone case by lifeproof). If you want an almost indestructible, quality built, affordable, and overall great phone case, this is the case for you. I will never buy a non-Ghostek case again.

  • Crossed Bones
    Good case but... November 11, 2016

    I like the case a lot...I haven't had issues with GPS or mic pick up difficulties that others have reported. The issue I had was with the case frame bottom portion of the case. If you have this case you can notice how the back of the phone and the back of the case has a really small space between them. This space caused splits along both edges of the back case where the clear frosted membrane meets the black aluminum edge of the case, thus causing the case to no longer be waterproof. Ghostek replaced the case frame without question. My worry is that this being a design flaw will very likely cause this to happen again. Hopefully this is an issue that can be fixed by Ghostek. I still really like this case and this issue was promptly and professionally handled by Ghostek and they sent a replacement!!!

  • Jm
    Its okay June 8, 2016

    The case is okay but the speaker does not work becuase the person that your talking to cannot hear u well

  • Ro
    Love the case but cell signal/GPS are compromised January 21, 2016

    First, I would like to say that I love this case in terms of design and functionality. It is slim and I do feel the case does provide an optimal amount of protection for the price.
    It is a good option for an everyday waterproof case except for a few issues. When the case is on, my phone can not access it's GPS due to the aluminum bumper of the phone, this also hinders the phones overall ability to find a signal when you go indoors. It has also been reported that sometimes it is difficult to hear me during a call when the case is on.
    Now this whole situation might be an individual problem but I really do love this case but I can not use it with the problems I have with my signal/GPS

  • Ro
    I like the case BUT January 20, 2016

    I love the design and feel of the case, definitely feel like my phone was protected well. It has a very premium feel and the waterproofing is fantastic. My only concern is that I lose service and GPS while the case is on, I am unsure if that is a problem with other owners but I had to remove the case to actually use my GPS. There is also a slight sound muffling in the speakers for music and phone calls.
    I am hoping that this was just my particular case but it did ruin my experience using the product.

  • tmc
    Nice case but speaker phone does not work January 11, 2016

    The case is nice, but the speaker during phone use does not work well. The person on the other side of the phone cannot hear you.

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