Moto G4 Plus Cases

Moments away from becoming your shroud, your parachute envelops you and your Motorola G4 Plus. The lights flicker in the distance, and after a rough landing, you check your gear. Your G4 Plus is intact solely because you had it wrapped in a durable and reliable Ghostek G4 Plus case. Get the boys at the lab to make your body suit out of these, and you'd never have to carry a tourniquet again.

With a long line of Moto G4 Plus Cases, Ghostek cases stand ready, willing and able to defend your equipment against enemies both foreign and domestic. Whether on the shooting range, or standing in front of the cooking range; you can rest completely assured that your phone is doubly secured better than any cover identity that you've ever been provided. Before you wrap up your chute and move toward the village, you give it a gentle tap knowing that it'll be there to serve the next G4 Plus long after you're gone.