Moto G4 Cases

In the field, agents need their gadgets to be protected, practical, and above all, stylish. Designed especially for agents on covert missions, GHOSTEK® Motorola Moto G4 Phone Cases protect an agent's portable transmitter without blowing their cover. 

Ordered and produced for agents that routinely run into attractive “acquaintances" at tuxedo fundraisers, these precision-cut phone cases will display your cool, confident demeanor to all persons of interest at any affair. In the unlikely event that your date is actually a double agent, you can easily escape their deadly Kung-Fu by base-jumping off of a seaside cliff or shooting a puddle of flammable liquid. In either instance, your phone will be fortified with a case that uses state-of-the-art technology to protect phones from explosions, avalanches, falls from tall buildings, or spilled martinis. Specially designed for people that like to live dangerously, the Covert Series is a must have for any agent that values stealth, style, and protection.