Motorola DROID Turbo Case | Ghostek® Blitz Series

Motorola DROID Turbo Case | Ghostek® Blitz Series





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◙ Elegant Lightweight + Thin Hybrid Design!
◙ Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate with a Soft Matte Coat & Traction-Boosting Rubberized Trim
◙ Attached Scratch-Resistant, Touch-Sensitive Screen Protector with a Raised Bevel Which Adds Extra Protection Against Shocks
◙ Slim Non-Slip Grip Design Provides the Ultimate Protection without the Bulkiness with Your Choice of Six Colors
◙ Precisely Cut Openings Allow Access to All Ports & Jacks with Mic Holes That Line Up Perfectly With Your Phone
◙ This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.
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Every secret agent has the same basic characteristics. A secret agent is an exceptionally observant, extremely agile, convincing in various roles, secretive, and exceedingly intelligent. But, likely the most important talent of a secret agent is his ability to communicate effectively. Being able to transmit necessary information from one individual to the next without blowing his cover is a skill that only the most talented agents possess. But, to be able to successfully complete this component of each mission, an agent needs the right equipment.


And, the Ghostek Blitz - Motorola Droid Turbo Rubberized Fitted Case is just that. The everyday person might not realize why a phone case is so important, but when it comes down to it, it can actually make or break a case for an agent. The Ghostek Blitz - Motorola Case is designed with agents in mind to combine ease of function as well as superior discretion all in one sleek and sophisticated package. An agent needs a phone case that provides full body protection without being heavy or bulky, and the Ghostek Blitz has it.


With An agent’s phone is also subject to a great deal of wear and tear. From running, sliding, and jumping during a foot pursuit to being in life-threatening challenges on the regular, an agent lives life in the danger zone, and his phone does too. The Ghostek Blitz case features a scratch resistant screen protector with a rubberized bumper guard to protect any phone from damage that may arise in such hot pursuits.


But, this guard doesn’t take away from the functionality of the phone at all. In fact, the scratch resistant cover is also touch sensitive, making the phone easier than ever to use. Accessing the phone’s jacks and ports is another important component for agents, as these are primary ways to transfer information without compromising confidentiality. The Ghostek design makes it easy to access all of the ports and jacks on the phone while keeping the connections safe and secure. No agent can afford having a bulky phone attached to his side, especially when he is in the midst of a heavy tactical procedure.


The Ghostek Blitz - Motorola Droid Turbo Rubberized Fitted Case was designed with this concern in mind, too. The Blitz case is a slim fit design that delivers protection without the bulk that some other Motorola cases have. A secret agent lives life on the edge every day, but that doesn’t mean he should be without a communication device. In fact, it’s even more imperative that he has one that is safe and secure, and this Motorola Droid Turbo Case delivers that and more.

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Customer Reviews
  • Olysfinest85
    Plain and simple August 8, 2016

    I beat up phones like none other and Ghostek has kept my Droid safe and secure for almost two years! You won't be disappointed with this case

    The best cell phone I have ever bought!!!! I love it!!! January 24, 2016


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