Microsoft Lumia 950 Case | Ghostek® Cloak Series

Microsoft Lumia 950 Case | Ghostek® Cloak Series



4.6 stars, based on 5 reviews
◙ Made with a Slim Crystal Clear Full TPU Body & an Aluminum Frame
◙ Ultimate Protection with Precision Cut Outs for Easy Access to All Ports & Jacks but Without the Bulkiness
◙ Maintains the Aesthetics of Your Phone While Keeping It Protected
◙ Features a Ghostek® Glass Armor 9H 0.33MM Thick Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Unattached
◙ Shock Absorbing Method: Upon Impact with the Frame, the Impact Resonance Travels Along the Bumper & Is Absorbed Through the TPU
◙ This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.

What's the most important gear any secret agent needs for the mission? Here's a hint: a slim case - preferably with a crystal clear full TPU body with aluminum frame. Bangs and bumps, a part of any secret agent's job, are expertly handled with shock absorbent technology, making it highly attractive for anyone who understands the importance of a good phone while on a chase during a top secret mission. It also has top quality Ghostek Armor 0.33MM thick tempered protective glass for your screen, which guarantees complete coverage for your phone's body, allowing home base to cover you until you complete your mission. Precision access for jacks, adapters, and earphones help you avoid fumbling or being delayed. Available in gold, grey, rose, silver, and red, the case won't ever give you away , helping you blend in to your surroundings all while achieving your goal as an international secret agent.

You’re on a critical mission, very deep undercover, practically flying your motor bike through crowded cobblestone streets after some guy wanted by the higher ups. He’s dodging people and cars left and right while your eyes are only on him. There might be gunshots involved later, but right now all you know is that your phone is still in your back pocket taking the full impact of a very bumpy ride.

Any regular Joe might stop for a moment and check on the damage, exposing his position to the enemy. But you’re not that person.

You’re not the kind of agent that loses your incredible cool by sweating over the damage being done to your phone while on the move. You’ve got the slim, attractive Microsoft Lumia 950 Case with shock absorbent technology. It can take all the knocks and kicks to the face that you can. And that’s a lot of punch.

So go ahead, jump out of that plane. Launch yourself at an assailant with full on fists of fury. Drive that speed boat through those narrow channels, outrunning bullets and the bad guys. Rescue the innocent family held hostage by a madman with daddy issues bent on destroying the city at the very least, but with plans to expand destruction to the world. Your phone case has you covered. You don’t have to inspect for damage. You’re all set, we will cover all your Microsoft phone cases needs.

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Customer Reviews
  • TM
    Perfect fit and looks May 26, 2016

    This case has a great feel while holding the phone. It has a perfect fit at the same time is not bulky at all. I'm very happy with the two cases that I have purchased.

  • Awesome case for the price
    The case fully protect the phone with the bulkiness May 14, 2016

    The thing like about the case is how slim it is and that I can press the button without much effort, also the case doesn't feel like it is going to slip out of your hand. Moreover, the front glass that protects the screen is not a fingerprint magnet, so I don't have wipe the screen every five minutes. Overall, I'm impressed with the case and I highly recommend it.

  • harry
    really good May 8, 2016

    price is high but its worth it

  • MikeG
    One of the Best Cases for the Lumia 950 April 18, 2016

    GHOSTEK Cloak is one of the nicest-looking and most protective cases available for the Lumia 950 series. It fits my phone perfectly and gives it a more premium look. My NeWisdom wireless Qi charger continues to work flawlessly with the case on. The package also includes a decent tempered-glass screen protector.

    The TPU shell is not as clear and glass-like as the photos make it appear. The material is a little more cloudy as one would expect with TPU. It also shows finger prints, but they don't stand out much and are easy to wipe off. On the other hand, the metal frame or bumper which looks plastic in the photos, is more like frosted aluminum in-person (which it is). At 60 grams, the case is a bit on the heavy side. All of these negatives are minor IMO and not enough to downgrade an overall great case. BTW, faint radio signal interference mentioned by a few on Amazon has not been an issue for me. I get good reception with the case on.

    The only significant negative for me is customer service which has been non-existent so far. Using the online support form, I asked about the possibility of purchasing the aluminum bumper by itself in different colors such as gold and silver (I got the black one based on how shiny and silvery the TPU shell looks and how dull and plastic-like the bumpers look in the marketing images). It's been a couple weeks and still no response. I also left a phone message last week. I'll update the rating based on how things go with customer support.

  • Joe
    recommend April 1, 2016

    One flat drop on the front of my phone from about 2 1/2 - 3 ft, Ghostek Armor cracked but phone was saved. The Cloak case/ frame is nice, good fit. Just wish the Armour had a little more life after just one drop. Good price though so I can't gripe too much, Bought it from Amazon.

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