V10 Cases

As a professional super agent, you know that you are only as good as your gear. The LG V10 you carry is a quality piece of high-tech weaponry. It offers you the form, function and versatility you need to complete your crucial missions.

For mission-critical protection of this premium tool, you need a reliable case that wraps your LG V10 and stands between it and disaster. At Ghostek, we offer LG V10 cases that are beyond reliable. You can count on our cases to have your back, whether your arch enemy causes you to bobble it or you are chasing after a reluctant asset and your V10 is in your pocket next to your keys. Our LG V10 cases accentuate the looks of this boutique instrument and give it excellent shielding without obscuring its exceptional sense of style. You can count on Ghostek's cases to cover your LG V10's blind spot.