LG V20 Case | Ghostek® Cloak 2 Series

LG V20 Case | Ghostek® Cloak 2 Series



◙ This case provides an explosion-resistant shield for the manifold hazards of espionage
◙ Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and an aluminum frame to match agency specifications produce a perfectly sculpted look
◙ Carefully engineered to absorb shocks and prevent damage from potential impacts, bumps and tumbles in any tactical mission environment, including high altitudes
◙ All ports stay easily accessible at all times, so you will have no trouble plugging in any extra cords or gadgets you may need to complete your mission
◙ Attractive by design: everyone will admire the stylish appeal of this case, and it will in no way detract from your look
◙ Should the unthinkable happen, this case comes with a warranty that guarantees you a replacement case in the unlikely event that it somehow becomes damaged.

Your plane has just reached the target area where you will parachute undetected into enemy territory. Seconds before you can activate your most important piece of equipment, your cell phone, the plane is hit by a missile that no one could have foreseen. Your only escape from a fiery death is to leap from the cargo doors. As you dive through the air, you catch up with your falling cell phone, grab it, and open your parachute. Once you land, you inspect all your gear for damage. There’s one tool you aren’t worried about, though: your cell phone. That’s because, unlike most phone cases, your LG V20 case is designed with an explosion-resistant shield and shock-absorbing technology. Your confidence is validated when you confirm that the phone and its case are still in perfect condition. 

Now, you move onto the next phase of your mission. You must move stealthily under the radar of your enemy in order to infiltrate his party in the disguise of a guest – but not just any guest. You are the most attractive person in the room, garnering the attention of countless admirers with your unmistakable sense of style. Many ask for your number, and when they spot your LG V20 case with its perfectly sculpted aluminum frame, they can't help but acknowledge your good taste. 

After skillfully withdrawing from the party, you slip into your enemy's main office, where you upload your spy software to his computer. This is no problem for you or your phone, because even with the LG V20 case’s state-of-the-art protection, all ports remain easily accessible. Now that you have uploaded and downloaded all necessary files, your mission is complete, and all that’s left to do is make your escape. 

You've almost reached the exit when you are ambushed by your adversary’s henchmen. They don’t faze you. You're specially trained in martial arts to deal with these situations. You manage to quickly disable all of your attackers, but your phone takes a pretty hard hit during the scuffle. You forget for a moment about the shock-absorbing toughness of all LG cases, so you check your phone again, only to discover that it’s working perfectly and hasn’t suffered a single scratch.  

Mission accomplished. You impress your fellow agents with your stories, and the HQ director takes note of your expert decision in choosing the right phone case for the job. He decides to make the LG V20 cases standard issue for all agents and promotes you to top agent. Well done, agent. Well done indeed. 


Designed by Ghostek® in New York

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