HTC One M9 Case | Ghostek® Armadillo 2.0 Series

HTC One M9 Case | Ghostek® Armadillo 2.0 Series





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◙ A slim, lightweight case that can be taken to any location, as it is scratch-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, which gives the case an added layer of protection.
◙ To protect your delicate screen, the case comes with a 0.33-millimeter thick tempered glass screen protector.
◙ To ensure that your phone is fully protected, the entire case is made from a polycarbonate shell, which features a handy kickstand on the back of the unit for your convenience.
◙ The case is fitted with non-slip rubber bumpers to give you another added layer of protection.
◙ All of the ports and the jacks on the unit are designed with an easy to access precision cut out that makes it easy to connect your phone whenever you need.
◙ As with all Ghostek cases, this device comes with a lifetime limited exchange warranty, so no matter where you travel your case will be protected from situations that you may not even be prepared for yourself.
$24.95 $6.24

The Den of the Phone Cases has been attacked, and the HTC cases need your help. Your mission is to acquire access to the den and find some clues as to where the HTC One M9 Case has been taken. Recover the case unharmed, and secure the den from further terror. Your priority is finding your target and bringing him back alive, so it’s a relief to know that the lifetime warranty can help make sure that he is safely returned.

As you enter the den, you notice that there are cave-ins in the pathways and rubble throughout. Luckily the case that has gone missing has a scratch proof and a dust proof surface that will help to protect him from damage. The trail leads out the back door of the den and as a secret agent, you notice marks that were left from the phone’s bumper frame leads to a rocky ledge. Trees and shrubbery distort your view, so you make your way to the bottom of the cliff to look for clues to advance your search.

Upon your arrival, you notice a flip phone that has been broken in two, as well as a blackberry that's screen, looks like a spider web. If our HTC One M9 Case tumbled down this cliff, the shock proof exterior and the tempered glass screen protector must have protected him from the same deadly fate. You take in your surroundings, and notice that only one power cord has left the scene, so you assume that is the cell phone you are searching for. You follow the trail of the cord and find that it leads to a bush that is nearby. As you peek into the shrubbery, you see the HTC One is relaxing on its kickstand while he recovers from the draining experience he just had. The precision cutouts on the case make it easy for him to quickly recharge his battery enough to make it back home to his den to fully revitalize himself.

As you make your way back up the cliff, with HTC One in hand, you notice that he is falling behind, so you go back to make sure there is no internal damage that you should be concerned about. The phone seems to be fine, but he is weary and tired from a lack of charge. You decide to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way, which is made easy by the lightness of his frame and the non-slip surface of his case. You arrive at the den with the HTC One in tow, to inform the others of the fate of the intruders, and you are greatly rewarded for solving the case.

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Customer Reviews
  • Omri
    Good build, poor finish September 24, 2016

    Pros: The case is durable and has a goo grip. The elastic features fit the hand grip. Doesn't slip easily.
    Cons: the silver coating peels off on the sides. The USB opening is a bit small, doesn't fit USB jacks that are a little bigger than the original that came with the device.

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