HTC One M9 Case | Ghostek® Bullet Series

HTC One M9 Case | Ghostek® Bullet Series



◙ Smooth Polycarbonate Outer Shell with a Non-Slip TPU Inner Shell & Rubberized Trim
◙ Protect Your Phone from Scratches, Impacts & Smudges without Taking Away From the Design
◙ Slim Design Has 5-Colors to Choose From, Each with 4-Layers of Ultimate Protection & Easy Access to All Ports & Jacks
◙ Built-In Kickstand, So You Can Comfortably Watch Your Favorite Shows
◙ Includes Separate Film Screen Protector
◙ This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.
$19.95 $5.99

You wouldn't believe what happened if I told you. It was a dark and stormy night in Vienna, Austria, where I was stealthily gliding down the back streets of the forgotten old Hapsburg Empire on my way to meet my spy contact. You know I've told you dozens of stories of my rendezvous with the beautiful Italian spy Gratiella. She always found some new way to bedazzle and beguile me, and you know what I mean when I say that she found still another new way to bewitch me yet again that scary night. 

This time you see, it wasn't her rain-soaked dress, or her shoes, or her stunningly perfect body and amazingly beautifully accented facial features. You will laugh at me when I tell you it was all about her cell phone that night. Not really her HTC One M9 mobile, mind you. It was actually the HTC phone case cover she sported around and over it. When I saw that incredible HTC M9 Case she had lovingly wrapped around her HTC phone, you can guess how much I wanted to be that phone with all my heart.

Our meeting went off without a hitch, like you would expect, yet I still could not get the seared-in image of that stunning Ghostek Bullet case phone cover out of my mind hours after we had completed our business and parted company with heavy hearts. The design was so innovative in a way that makes you burn for it. When I saw the way it gave full body cover and protection to the sleek HTC One M9 body form, so perfectly fitted like they were one coupled united in ultimate passion, well, you understand why I wished so desperately to be her phone that night. The screen was enveloped in that oh so sexy high clear screen protector. You can see why I suddenly found myself longing for 4 full layers of protection that gave easy access to all of my buttons and ports, and you know what I mean. 

It still makes me shiver with longing when I think about that too die for polycarbonate outer shell and its TPU no-slip inner shell. I so wanted to be deep inside that inner shell. When Gratiella set down that phone in its protective fitted case and put down the built in kickstand so I could comfortably admire her briefing video, you know I wanted to grab her phone that was mated to that Ghostek M9 case and run away with all the strength I had in my body. I asked her about the sleek and sultry red HTC One M9 Case, and Gratiella told me that it came available in five steamy different colors, gold, red, silver, white, and dark navy. 

As if all of that was not enough to drive you wild with passion, the Ghostek Bullet  HTC M9 case included a lifetime warranty exchange so that you are never forced to get married to the one color with which you choose to spend your phone's life. It has been three weeks since that last meeting with Gratiella and her HTC One M9 phone, and I am ashamed to admit that I just can not stop thinking about that hot Ghostek Bullet M9 protective fitted red case that held her phone in its passionate, longing embrace. You know it is bad when you are obsessed not with the smoking hot spy girl, and not even with her phone, but with the so sexy phone's HTC One M9 Case that covers it.

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