iPhone 7 Plus Case | Ghostek® Covert Series

iPhone 7 Plus Case | Ghostek® Covert Series



◙ Modern Design: You always have the latest in high-tech gadgets. Make sure they're protected with the latest designs. The iPhone 7 cases by Ghostek will leave your enemies green with envy.
◙ Top-Notch Protection Technology: Ghostek knows you need to protect yourself first. Let our top-of-the-line air pocket technology protect your phone from any drops, kicks, punches, or falls. You can take care of the rest.
◙ Explosion-Proof: The experts at Ghostek Labs designed the new iPhone 7 cases with the latest in screen-protection technology. Flying rubble won't leave a single scratch on your phone screen.
◙ Sleek and Discreet: You can let the goons pat you down without worry. The sleek design fits perfectly in your pocket without leaving telltale outlines.
◙ The Ghostek Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty: You can throw whatever you want at these awesome cases — they won't break. But if they do, just give us a call.

The monitor glows green. Lines of code flash across the screen. Your fingers tap anxiously against the phone as it absorbs a collection of corporate secrets that can never fall into the hands of the enemy. Seconds later, the words "Download Complete" appear and you unplug your phone, slip it in your tux pocket, and turn to leave. Before you can walk out the door, however, you hear an ominous sound: a series high-pitched beeps from the computer behind you. Uh-oh. You know what that means. Theres no time to run, so you fling open the window and jump. Several awnings break your fall, and when you hit the ground in a somersault, you spring back up and race across the street just as the explosion rocks the whole street. You stand up, brush off your tux, and stride away without looking back.

When you accepted your first mission as a super-secret agent, you knew your body was up to the task. But did you give any thought to your phone? Deflecting karate kicks to the face is easy for a well-trained agent like you, but even the best agents take a hit to their phones now and then. And while jumping from rooftop to rooftop looks pretty awesome, falls do happen occasionally. That’s why Ghostek's iPhone cases are equipped with air pocket technology that keeps your phone safe from kicks, punches, drops, and falls. Protecting corporate secrets is your priority — you shouldn't have to worry about protecting your phone, too.

As a secret agent, your missions constantly put you in harm’s way, but that doesn't mean that your phone has to be endangered. Ghostek's iPhone 7 Plus cases protect your phone through the perilous situations you face on a daily basis. Plus, the slick, modern design will keep you looking like the badass agent that you are. These cases are discreet so as not to disturb the perfect silhouette you create as you're coolly walking away from an explosion. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the envious scowl on your enemies' faces.

Speaking of explosions, what good would a secret agent's phone be if it weren't equipped with the latest in explosion-proof technology? Everyone knows you're too cool to be hurt in an explosion, and your phone shouldn't be an exception. Leading experts have designed these phone cases using the highest quality screen protectors in order to prevent explosion and rubble-related damage to your phone . After all, you certainly wouldn't want a repeat of what happened in Belize last year...

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