Google Pixel XL Case | Ghostek® Covert Series

Google Pixel XL Case | Ghostek® Covert Series



◙ Ultra-modern design: Bulky cases that mask your phone are a thing of the past. This transparent case design allows your phone’s original colors to shine through while adding texture and interest.
◙ Superior Protective Technology: This two-part phone protection system features a slick case and an unbreakable screen cover. The case has a raised bevel all the way around the screen to prevent possible breaks, as well as air spring cushion corners with drop spring technology, rendering your phone virtually accident-proof.
◙ Explosion-Proof Screen Protector: You read that right. Explosion-proof. We tested it. The phone was undamaged. Can’t say the same for the tester.
◙ Slim-Fit Design: Some two-part phone cases are bulky and awkward, preventing them from fitting in your pocket or bag as desired. The Ghostek Covert has no such problem. This case is sleek and discreet, and will never hamper your style or your functionality.
◙ Lifetime Warranty: We’re so confident our phone case will protect your phone from any villain's evil tactics that we’re offering the Ghostek Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Never worry again.

You are The Agency’s best when it comes to urgent missions that deal with sensitive data. The Agency has received a tip from their informant that someone is leaking confidential information to the enemy countries such as Iran, Russia, and North Korea from The White House, and you are put on this case.

Your mission is to find who is responsible for the leaks, gather evidence against them, and then apprehend them. The only problem is this is an undercover mission, and you are going to be entering The White House as a tourist, so no weapons allowed. All you have with you is your Google Pixel XL protected by one of the strongest cases in the market, Ghostek’s Crystal Clear Covert Case.

There is no doubt in your mind that you can pull this mission off without a hitch because you have the Ghostek Covert Case and your phone with you. You observe the comings and goings of a lot of White House workers, and decide to follow your hunch about one of them. Lady Luck is truly smiling upon you because you have discovered who the White House mole is, and you decide to record them, what they say and what they do.

While taking the phone from your pocket, it slips out of your hand and falls down. You are not worried about any damage to the camera because of the camera protection feature of the Ghostek Google Pixel XL case.

Once you have collected the necessary evidence, you decide to catch him red-handed and enter the room. As soon as you do, you realize that there are two of them, one in the front and one behind you, and both of them have knives. When they strike, you block one knife with your hand and the other with your phone. You use your phone as a shield because you know the Ghostek case is extremely scratch resistant and will protect your phone and you!

It takes you barely two minutes to disarm the culprits and tie them up. Just another day at the office!


Designed by Ghostek® in New York

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