Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 2.0 Series

Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 2.0 Series





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The suitcase carrying the information you need is thrown overboard and you’re forced to jump into shark-infested waters to retrieve it. The last thing you need is for your phone to get fried. That’s why you need the Atomic 2.0 for your Galaxy S7. With the Atomic 2.0, Ghostek has taken their toughest phone case to the next level. The Atomic 2.0 protects your device from dust, snow, drops and shocks and keeps your phone safe and dry in up to one meter of water for ten minutes.

◙ The aluminum alloy bumper, sensitive screen guard, non-slip grip and port protections are a game changer. Also, the polycarbonate film keeps your phone looking as stylish as ever.
◙ Thin and light, this phone case repels dust, snow, mud and all kinds of other unwanted substances. Need something shock-proof as well? This is your ideal phone case.
◙ Compatible for those who use Touch ID.
◙ With bumpers offered in five different colors, you'll be sure to get something that suits your tastes perfectly.
◙ The unique design allows you to have full access to every important button and port on your phone, and it does not affect the functioning of the microphone. This provides you with the best of both worlds—protection without distortion.
◙ Tested in up to one meter of water—and for up to 10 minutes—this phone case makes the grade.
◙ Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty offers you peace of mind, allowing to jet around the world without having to worry whether or not your phone case will make it.
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You swore you'd never let another double agent get the best of you—after all, you'd already been majorly burned by The Knickerbocker Experiment. But somehow, you got taken again. As they hung you out to dry over the Atlantic Ocean—in a helicopter—you at least had the comfort of knowing that your Galaxy S7 waterproof case would protect your phone as you fell from the chopper. 

Of course, you had a cigarette boat waiting to whisk you away in case of an event like this—and they'd even padded the boat so that you'd have a soft landing. But, still, cigarette boats can create a big splash—you'd already learned that lesson in Monaco. Some Samsung phone cases just provide way more security when you're living the spy life. When you need a bunch of Galaxy S7 cases to protect your multiple phones, you always go Ghostek. 

Anyway, your life flashes before you as you drop off the helicopter as the cigarette boat speeds toward your direction. Will you make it? Although it seems as if the boat is too far away at first, your trusty boat captain manages to get there in time—and save you from the pitiful experience of being dumped into the Atlantic Ocean once again.

But once you bounce off of the padded boat, you quickly realize that this is no ordinary rescue. In fact, it seems as if this vessel has been commandeered by one of your Sicilian lovers, who has discovered some of your secrets and is furious about a few of your indiscretions in Moscow.


As bottle after bottle of expensive champagne is hurled at your person, you are grateful that at least your Galaxy S7 cases have got your back. Protecting your phones from the wrath of insanely expensive bubbly, these babies are built to support those who prefer a free-wheeling lifestyle from time to time. The Atomic 2.0 backs you up when things have gotten so bad that even your lover is trying to kill you. 

Whether you're hurtling through the waters of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean or anywhere in between, this incredible phone case will ensure that your phones will stay dry. After all, when you're a spy, a phone is so much more than a phone. It's a tool to hack into several Cayman Islands accounts, bringing you untold amounts of wealth as you prepare to fight for good. Villains are no match for this extraordinary phone case, which protects you when the going gets tough—and a bit splishy-splashy.


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Customer Reviews
  • absduiwdfhe;ruwqido
    its cool February 19, 2017

    its aawsome case

  • TheReviewer
    Good but not perfect December 7, 2016

    I purchased the Ghostek atomic 2.0 for the Samsung galaxy s7 approximately 1 month ago and I felt it was adequate time to form an opinion. Overall, this case does what it is advertised to do, its rugged, keeps your phone dry and dust free and has a appealing design to it. However, in the past month of on and off use of this case, I have found myself, well, taking it on and off - largely due to a couple of design elements that has been bothering me more than it should.

    - Firstly, the front cut outs are asymmetrical - in my unit at least, the camera and earpiece speaker were not aligned with there designated cut outs.
    - Secondly, the gap between the screen protector and the phone - not tremendously annoying, however, noticeable and my typo error rate was significantly impacted by the gap (I had my mother type with it and she would rather use her twice as small Iphone 5 screen than type with the bigger Samsung s7 in this case)
    - Thirdly, and in all honesty, the main reason behind discontinuing its use was the back panel - it looks great, but it doesn't sit flush, bringing doubt about the build quality of the case itself (its comparable to a loose skin on a bongo drum, wavering when you press down on it).

    Putting that aside, the case also provides great speaker playback with little to no muffling and despite the bongo skin back panel + the misaligned cut outs, the rest of the phone feels well built, particularly the aluminum bumper (which i didn't find to impact cell reception). Also, for those wireless charging die hards, it works just fine with the Samsung wireless charging stand.

    So with all the negatives about this case, why 4 stars? Because it does what its suppose to do. Its not the the type of case i would rock everyday or really that often, but I dont have a doubt in my mind that if i take it camping, kayaking or anything that a normal case wouldnt hold up, that this case will provide comparable protection to the more expensive counterparts such as lifeproof and otterbox. And if you can look past the flaws, it is actually a really decent case but keep in my why youre buying it (everyday vs outdoor only activities) and whether you can overlook the negatives I have listed.

    Note: I was NOT provided with this case in return for a review - I used my own money to purchase it after seeing all these good but somewhat biased reviews across youtube and felt it wouldnt be fair on the consumers. Enjoy!

  • Samantha
    Good, lightweight case July 15, 2016

    Ordered mine last week, got it within a week. I like how the phone is fully incased, all buttons covered, it's lightweight and not bulky at all like my otter box was. The only downfall I see is that I wish it had more protection around the edge, more bumper guard or something front and back. The back cover on this case is not clear as shown in the picture. It is kind of opaque. You can still see the phones color through it but I guess I was just expecting clear as shown. Other than that I'm happy with this case.

  • Gabriel
    I want it pink July 4, 2016

    I like it and i want it so bad because we are almost about to leave to a cool and warm pools so I really want to try it out on my phone

  • miles
    great material but a little slipery May 24, 2016

    its good but it did slip out of the case and fall but overall its good.

  • G
    Is good April 5, 2016


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