Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 2.0 Series

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 2.0 Series





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◙ The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Series is constructed with a durable aluminum alloy bumper, raised rubber bevel, protective port coverings, and a shock resistant design to keep you moving forward. Whether the terrain is icy, steamy, wet or rocky, you can it with a stride.
◙ The case protects your device’s screen with its touch sensitive screen protector so that you never have to worry about cracking your device and can instead focus on cracking those cases!
◙ Touch ID Compatible
◙ Similar to the covers you frequently undergo, this case offers durable rear protection despite its transparent back cover.
◙ Even deeps dives will keep your phone safe with this waterproof case.
◙ Personalize your gadgets by utilizing a total of five color options. You won't confuse your gear with a partner’s again!
◙ This case comes with a lifetime warranty through Ghostek, ensuring that you always have support.
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As a secret agent, you love living on the edge, so the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. This gadget is waterproof and features curved edges so that you don’t have to cut corners. With its duel pixel technology, you’ll be able to capture every culprit in his act. The 32 gigabytes of internal memory allow you to keep track of details from each and every mission, all on one device. In short, this phone is your personal assistant now, if not better. Regardless of how good your sidekick may be, it still needs a sleek outfit to carry out missions with flair. You will also need something sturdy enough to withstand the harsh environments you’ll encounter. There are many Samsung Galaxy S7 cases out there, but the one most suitable for your edgy lifestyle is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case by Ghostek Atomic Series 2.0. This exclusive detail is being revealed to agents such as yourself only. 

With your fast paced occupation, you don’t even know where you’ll be twenty-four hours from now. What you will know, however, is that you’ll be prepared for any kind of terrain with your waterproof phone and phone case, guaranteeing double the protection for those last minute dives into rough waters. You might need to dry off, but your phone will always be ready to go. With the tactile responsive buttons on this case, your gadget will never fail to respond and allows you to stay on top of your game. In the unfortunate case that the enemy does force a scuffle, you can always depend on this case to protect the high clearance intelligence stored on the phone. With its screen guard, it will escape even the harshest scrapes scratch-free. If necessary, it’s aluminum alloy corners can be used to protect you too and not just the phone, unlike other Samsung phone cases. Just as you have been prepared to resist the voltage produced by Tasers, this case has been developed with a shock resistant design. Just as you have eyes in the back of your head, this phone case fully protects your gadget with all-around coverage.

At the end of every mission, you will need time to recharge and so will your device. With convenient, capped cutouts, your device’s ports will always be protected from dust, insuring that it’s always ready to be charged. These Galaxy S7 cases come in a total of five colors, enough to suit any and every mission you will be assigned to. In the off chance that your case does fail you, then we will always be here to take care of it and put you back on track.




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Customer Reviews
  • Gocart
    Best case for all scenarios March 16, 2017

    Had some bad luck with dropping my cell. This past few weeks. But the case is the best money can buy. I'll need to buy another one tho. only had case 6 months and I dropped it and the screen hit a corner of a piece of steel ripping the screen cover. it did its job my cell still works and I'm thankful for that. Loyal ghostec customer and will not buy anything but ghostec now that I have owned one my self thanks

  • Chris
    Buying a second one February 15, 2017

    Ive had the case since it first came out. After a year of heavy use i want to get another.

  • Charanrao
    Awesome product and Aftersales service! January 12, 2017

    I received the black case for my S7 edge silver titanium phone recently and noticed the defect as the screen edge is emitting rainbow effect. After reporting it to Ghostek support, the support team quickly replaced the product. I must admit the product delivery and aftersales service is quick and friendly. The product is rugged, stylish and I have no worries of dropping the phone face down or sideways again. I would highly recommend this product to any of my friends!

  • Allan
    Excellent fit and feel....almost great! January 9, 2017

    Feel and fit is excellent and all functions work well except the fingerprint ID, which does not at all. This is annoying and made me remove the internal finger cover thereby rendering the "waterproof" of the case inoperable, but the phone is anyway so not really that big a deal to me. Much preferred to have the ID working. If this worked as advertised this would have got 5 stars as it is excellent as a case otherwise.

  • Erik sheridan
    Bought two of these cases December 5, 2016

    Omg i have been waiting for this case and i just got it and let me tell you its the nicest phone case ever Fitz my phone perfect not only is it the best-looking case it does everything its says would recommend this phone case to anyone that has a S7 or S7 Edge thank you ghost Tech keep up the good work look forward to doing business in the future thank you

  • ZackSpeed
    Awesomely satisfying! November 3, 2016

    Feels solid in hand. No problem with touch. Sleek design and colour. I choose red and it compliment with my silver s7 edge.

  • Spider
    Although there are some redeeming features to this case I do not think it is as good as it could be. September 20, 2016

    It is certainly an attractive case and this is what originally attracted me to it. On taking it out of the packaging I noticed some of the black coating was coming off the plastic screen protector near the top where it meets the aluminium edge. I did not like the fact that there was a lot of space between the screen protector and the screen of my phone. Indeed it seemed to make my phone unresponsive in most of the swipe features including the "Edge" panels. There was also space between the back cover and the back of my phone. For this reason I certainly don't think it is a minimalist case. The alloy frame also felt a little uncomfortable to me as I felt the edges to be a little hard or sharp. Having also purchased an Otterbox Defender I find this case to be far better.

  • Jeff
    nice case September 4, 2016

    nice case. You must rescan your finger after the phone is in the case. You may have to turn your finger sideways to scan not up and down.

  • Historical Hall of Fame
    nice case September 4, 2016

    The case is really nice. Is it Waterproof? yes Does it protect the edge of the phone? yes Will protect the Glass front and back? Yes from some hits but not all. As for the fingerprint sign in. Just rescan your finger with the phone in the case as a new finger. But turn your fingers sideways across the sensor.

  • Jonycolee
    Solo fricken amazing August 12, 2016

    I was skeptical at first because of the price but I ordered it anyways. I got expedited shipping I got it in a week maybe less and I'm so in love Ive never loved a phone case this much. If you're looking at the price thinking its to high (just like I was) then I'm telling you to stop thinking and just buy it especially if you have an s7 edge I've been through 2 other phone cases in a month! This is a goegeous perfect case. My screen has no different in color or anything i have a tempered glass screen protector under the screen protector that comes with this phone and i can still type just fine!! It covers the entire camera lense. You can still use fingerprint unlock! It's still water proof/water resistant! You can really see the back to the phone the gold is gorgeous. The only little downside is the white screen protector BUT it brings out the hold gold and its still the best phone case you'll ever own!

  • Steph
    A few issues but overall a good product August 4, 2016

    I bought this case, after not being satisfied with any of the other S7 Edge cases on the market.
    I love the overall look and feel, of the case, and it provides the screen protection that I need and have been looking for, since purchasing my phone. Its lightweight but sturdy and I like how it fits in my hand.
    The only complaints that I have, is that after installing the case, it seems to make my home button/touch ID button stick. This causes the screen to shut off, and turn on, repeatedly. This is really annoying when you're trying to access your apps and you can't, until you take the phone out of the case.
    The other complaint I have is that of the signal quality, when inside my house. It seems to cause an issue with the cell signal, inside a building, causing dropped calls or not allowing calls and texts to go through. I don't have this issue when I take the phone out of the case.
    If not for those two issues, Id give 5 stars. However, I like everything else about the case.

  • Shultz
    Great Case July 24, 2016

    Just recently got the Atomic 2.0 case for my S7 Edge. The case looks and fits great and only adds minimal size and weight. Have not noticed any decrease in sound from the external speakers as sometimes happens with similar styled cases. There has been no issues with the touch response on the screen with the phones screen protector. My only complaint would be that fingerprint ID does not work with the screen protector (or at least I have not been able to get it to work).
    I ordered the case when it was on pre-order and had a few questions to which support was quick to answer.
    If you want a minimalist case that looks great and protects your phone and a company that looks after their customers this is the case to get.

  • Jake
    Great case July 19, 2016

    Nice to have a watereproof case

  • Cameron
    The best ever July 2, 2016

    This case is epic

  • Cameron
    The best ever July 2, 2016

    This case is epic

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